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NJ Best Permanent Make-Up 

Should you do iT?

Also known as Cosmetic Tattoos, Permanent Make-Up is a process of  placing specially designed pigments just below the surface of the skin to enhance or alter its appearance. Permanent Make-Up procedures include eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color.  Other associated procedures such as Microblading,  can be performed to simulate the appearance of hair, camouflage scars and re-pigment breast areolas.

​​​Permanent Make-up is a very positive thing that you can do for yourself!    Here's why:

Saves time and offers convenience for people who have limited time/busy lifestyles, or find applying cosmetics to be a difficult endeavor.

Stays in place without a smudge during any physical activity.

Eliminates the burden of daily make-up application for individuals with physical challenges such as arthritis, poor vision, tremors, or  hand/arm weakness.

Restores the natural appearance for those who may have been affected by illness, trauma or other circumstances: cancer, alopecia, traumatic and/or surgical facial scars, or age-related hair thinning.

Visually balances facial features that may appear uneven or asymmetrical.

Provides an alternative for those with sensitivities/allergies to daily         cosmetic use.

Enhances facial features consistently and reliably, so that you have peace of mind and confidence in the knowledge that you look your 

What is Permanent Make-Up?