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NJ Best Permanent Make-Up 

Failure to re-schedule a complimentary touch-up appointment within 72 hours will result in a $150 re-scheduling fee which must be made in advance to secure appointment.  Re-scheduling a touch-up appointment more than 2 times will also require a $150 re-schedule fee to be paid in advance.

scalp micro-pigmentation

Please request a consultation.

​​​lip color (full)    $575

Includes 3-D sculpted method.

​​​MICROBLADING (eyebrows)   $575

Also known as hairs stroke or eyebrow embroidery.  

Fine, crisp hairs are tattooed to create a natural

realistic appearance.

  A  $100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold all procedure appointments.

​​​lash enhancement    $175

Mimics the appearance of a fuller lash

​line with black pigment placed in

between the ​eyelashes.


Please request a consultation.

Re-schedules must be made no less than 72 hours in advance or deposit is forfeited.

tattoo removal    

Please request a consultation.

​​​​lip liner with shading    $400

Provides definition with a gradual shading of color to avoid the appearance of harsh  lines.

​​​​Eyeliner (top only)   $350

Includes lash enhancement of upper eyelid.

consultation    $0

All consultations are free of charge.

color boost    $125-250

Freshens color of existing tattoo.

Prices do not include 7% NJ sales tax.

​​areola restoration    $0-500

For post-mastectomy/surgical clients, creates the appearance of 3-D areolas/nipples. Fee is based upon sliding scale. Financial assistance available. Please call for information.

​​areola modification    $400-600

Transforms areolas into hearts, flowers,etc., and/or the coloring of the areolas to a desired natural shade. Requires 2 sessions six weeks apart.

​​​​​scar camouflage          

Please request a consultation.

​​​​Eyeliner(top/bottom)    $450

Includes lash enhancement of upper eyelid.

​​Eyebrows   $475

Color is softly shaded to produce semi-translucent powdery color. There are no harsh outlines or solid marks.