A  method of cosmetic tattooing that utilizes a hand tool made up of many extremely small needles which are configured to resemble a small blade. The tool is dipped in pigment and small strokes are made into the skin to mimic the appearance of natural hairs. While the technique is different from using a tattoo machine, it is still considered permanent make-up.

The result that is achieved with microblading is very natural and realistic looking (as one would normally look without make-up on.) It is meant to look like the actual hairs that are missing.  In contrast, machine tattooing employs methods of shading that is intended to give a slightly more made-up appearance (as through the person had lightly filled in her brows with a soft powder or pencil.)  Both methods produce beautiful results and can be suited to the individual's personal style. 

Not every client is a good candidate for microblading.  Clients with extremely oily skin, excessive acne or are prone to keloid formation do not have good results with microblading and might be better suited for contemporary shading.

Microblading fades much quicker than other cosmetic tattoos due to the fact that the amount of pigment used is very little. Most clients will require a color boost after 12 to 24 months to maintain the look of the eyebrows.

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