Discomfort can be controlled during any permanent make-up procedure! Cosmetic tattoo artists are trained in the application of topical numbing agents both before and during the tattoo process.  Most clients find that the discomfort is minimal.

​You should always research and give serious thought to any procedure that will permanently alter your appearance. Permanent Make-Up is no exception!  Here are some important things for you to know:

Ask your artist about your aftercare BEFORE you schedule your appointment!  Certain activities such as swimming, sun exposure, etc., are to be avoided within the first few weeks of your procedure. Make sure your procedure won't conflict with your personal plans for vacation, work, etc.

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Good things to know!

Touch-ups are to be expected!  Because facial skin is so thin, cellular turnover can cause some pigment to be released during the healing process. This is normal and the extent of pigment loss will vary. Ask your artist when they will provide a touch-up and whether it is complimentary, or if there is an additional cost.

The art of tattooing is never an exact science! No artist can offer a 100% guarantee for the results you desire.  Every client's skin will respond differently to the tattoo procedure and there are many variables that can affect the outcome.  

If the artist is trying to dissuade you from a certain color, shape, etc., it is for a reason! Usually, it is because they think the results will be unflattering or that you might regret your decision later.  While you are never obligated to have something you don't want, you should always consider their professional advice.

Cosmetic tattoos are NOT the same as body art tattoos!  The techniques and pigments are very different between the two art forms and require very specialized training. Do not assume an artist is proficient in both unless their portfolio shows that they are.

Permanent Make-Up is PERMANENT! While pigment colors do fade and become less visible over time, the rate at which this happens will vary and depends on many factors.  And even though old tattoos can be covered up with new ones, never settle for anything you don't want-- it will be with you forever!