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NJ Best Permanent Make-Up 

Jen Davis began her nursing career over 12 years ago, specializing in home hospice care.  Her dedication to healing her clients' wounds inspired her to achieve her Wound Care Certification, a credential she has held for over six years.  

                                          ...TO  COSMETIC TATTOO ARTIST. 

But a short video about scar camouflage and areola restoration for post-mastectomy clients changed everything.  Fueled by her lifelong love of art, Jen views cosmetic tattooing as an amazing way to integrate her medical knowledge with her creative pursuits. She is certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation, with training in both primary cosmetic tattoo artistry and areola/scar camouflage. She is also a certified Phibrows Microblading artist, and holds a certificate in Advanced Technique Stardust Eyeshadow Eyeliner.  Jen is now a full-time permanent cosmetic tattoo artist and extremely proud to be a part of the Rorschach Gallery team.

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